August 26, 2010

Guest Blogger: Cupcake Styling

Today's guest blogger is the gorgeous Leanne, from Mrs. A in the Cove blog. A wonderful blog and daily read of mine. If you are not following this gorgeous blog yet, be sure to check it out.

The decoration of the humble cupcake has come a long way in recent times and tying the decoration into your party theme can sometimes be tricky. Today I have found for you some fun and interesting ways to decorate your cupcake and still keep you theme flowing - the possibilities are endless.

We start with the simple and elegant iced cupcake with sprinkles - always a winner.

Beautiful peaks to match your colour scheme

Next we move to fondant toppers - these ones are so elegant placed on top
of your buttercream icing

For a sweet baby shower how adorable would these little babies be.

The elegant mongram which would suit everything from a christening
to a birthday to a wedding.

Cooking Parties are all the rage at the moment so these toppers
would tie in perfectly.

Then we have the paper toppers.
Saying it with words always look great.

Initials and names look fantastic as well.

To finish I have included the three different cupcake toppers I have used on my kids
parties this year - all different but all so effective.

Images 1 & 2: Sweetest Ocassion, Images 3 & 4: Amy Atlas Events, Images 5, 6 & 
7: The Cupcake Gallery, Image 8: The Tomkat Studio, Image 9: CakeInk Events Image 
10: Mrs A In the Cove

Wonderful idea's here, thanks Leanne!!!

Mrs. A in the Cove .. blog ..


  1. New to your blog - glad I found you. Cute, cute, cute stuff!

  2. Pure cuteness!
    Will follow so I don't have to miss any future posts..
    EnJOY the new week. xx

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