February 17, 2011

Bohemian Romance

I am in love with the superb styling of this of this pretty and romantic photo session by the ever so talented Cynthia Martin, a Canadian Event designer which I found via one of my favourite reads 79 Ideas Blog. I have blogged on Cynthia's work before here. The colour theme is absolutely perfect and blend so well together and just really warm my heart. Beautiful right?

Styling by Cynthia Martin  & Photos by Mimmo + Naz


  1. OMG i just love this ,ive been obsessed with Pink and Gold latley

  2. Oh, I also love the Canadian designer Cynthia Martin and 4 hours ago I just post about it. Such a coincidence.

  3. Hi Radostina, I actually found this via your gorgeous blog. As you know im a big fan!! I forgot to include you in my post but have adjusted it now.. thanks so much for your great inspiration!! xxxx Thetis


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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