February 28, 2011

Zoe's {Big Girl} Room Inspiration

Hello everyone, hope you all had a lovely weekend! This week I have promised myself to work some more on Zoe's new room. I have gathered some inspiration for her room and trying to get bits and pieces together. Currently, all I have purchased is the gorgeous little rabbit lamp which I can't wait to see in real life. It looks like it brings such a warm light once turned on. I am still considering this giraffe wall decal from Inke in the first image.

I am still after some fabric for bedlinen, I am looking for either pink damask, a paisley fabric or even the geometric type from Dwell Studio (But they don't make them in double size) So, need to find a suitable fabric and and get my mum to make me the double size doona.

I am also in love with these pillows from
Theodore Made and really want to find some doona
fabric that will allow me to use
these pillows on the bed.
I love the string lights above in which I would
put around Zoe's new bunk bed
and the velvet pillow both 
from MiniStyle (can't decide Pink,
Hot Pink or Red)

Now, all I need to do is make some descisions and purchases and complete it!


  1. Looks lovely!
    Not sure if the Dwell fabric you like is on this site, but www.fabric.com has a fantastic range of Dwell fabric.....I'm just waiting on stock of the one I like for my sons nursery.

  2. How cute! I am sure she is going to love being in her 'big girl' room.


Lovely to hear from you!! xx


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