January 28, 2010

fashion feature: talc

Have you ever thought to yourself when you are buying clothes for your kids. "Gosh, I wish they made that in my size!" Well, that is how I feel about this French kids clothing label right out of Paris I found. Talc is a line of clothing from Paris, and it is ever so chic as expected. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these gorgeous clothes, which have both a boy and girl range. All I can say is, we need an Australian store stocking this brand IMMEDIATELY!!! I would buy the lot! Ahhh the French are such stylish people aren't they? If your kids were dressed in these clothes they would be the most fashionable kids in town!

Love this dress, just gorgeous!


So pretty I can't take it..

This dress needs no comment, just take a look at it, BEAUTIFUL!!

Trendy, Trendy, Trendy!!!

Now, need to get my hands on this clothing range somehow!
Let me know if you know anything about this brand!


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