January 11, 2010

Hartia Toys

I'd like to introduce you to Hartia Toys today. Some of you may have heard of them already, but if you haven't, you will love them. I came across Hartia Toys the other day and just love there paper creatures. They are original paper toys designed to entertain children while also serving as a learning tool.

These paper toys are called "Couplicoles" (from the French verbs "couper" cut, "plie" fold, and "coller" paste) are three-dimensional toys created by cutting, folding and gluing paper models. These award-winning paper toys keep children entertained and busy while they develop imagination, attention, concentration, the ability to follow directions, three-dimensional thinking skills, and fine motor skills.

There are eight designs available such as Polar Animals, Insects, Tropical Animals, Martial Arts, The Farm, The Ocean, Vegetables and Exotic Birds.
They help develop children's imagination whilst learning at the same time. All you basically need is a ruler, scissors and glue. Perhaps it's something you could do with your kids until they learn to do it all alone. It develops kids concentration and perception which is great. I love the tropical animals and will be purchasing some from here.

PS: The word "Hartia" comes from the Greek word meaning "Paper"!!

These will be alot of fun don't you think?


  1. They look really great! I wonder if anyone in Australia stocks them?

  2. I think they are sold exclusively to Moolka but will look into it xx


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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