February 9, 2010

ragedy-ann girls party

Sorry I haven't blogged for a couple of days but the little one had a cold and I was attending to her whilst doing everything else. I hope you all had a lovely weekend, our weather here in Melbourne was glorious. I have finally confirmed Zoe's christening which is to take place in April. I hope the weather will be nice as it will be later held at my place in the yard under a beautiful white marquee we purchased off Ebay. We dont have a pergola at the moment so I think this will come in handy. I'm really excited about it and have already been buying decorations, partyware etc for it and it's filling up our spare room. Invitations have gone out and now it's fun and games with the planning of the party. I will try and post a photo of the invitations I decided to make, they are pretty simple, but elegant I think.

I've been looking around for party decor inspiration and found a lovely "Ragedy Ann" party via Kara's Party Idea's blog and it looks so pretty. I have posted some gorgeous pictures below, take a look at this...

this table looks so pretty, I love the colour theme

a simple, yet gorgeous cake

love this lollipop stand

yummy cupcakes with cute handmade
heart toppers

the party bags

chocolate favors

im in love with these sandwhich holders,
they are so cute and clever

Okay, maybe this is more of a birthday theme rather than for a christening,
but how cute is it?



  1. Cute :) I used to read Ragedy Ann stories when I was little. The lollypop stand is cool :)

  2. love this!!! Such a fun and creative idea. Im planning a a party for my son Christian...a pirate theme!!! :)
    Come give me a visit soon :)

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  3. i love all things turquoise, red and white. adorable ideas for raggedy ann party. wish i was little again.

  4. That is really cute. I am going to start planning my baby's first birthday in a little bit. don't think I'm that put together tho!


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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