March 10, 2010

kids rooms: shared space

I don't know about you, but I have always shared a room with a sibling whilst growing up. I shared a room with my brothers and also with my sister. I absolutely loved it! I loved going to bed and then once it was lights out we would chat to eachother across the room from our beds, we would play word games or guess the song being hummed. Sometimes we would get sick of eachother and once even went as far as drawing an imaginary line across the room and we were not allowed into eachothers side of the room, but my side was on the opposite side of the door so my brother wouldn't let me leave the room because I would be stepping into his "side"..It was fun and if I was scared of thunderstorms or some scary sounds from outside I would feel safe knowing that I wasn't alone.. So, for my trip down memory lane I have found some kids shared room spaces to show you from the lovely blog, The Inspired Room.

I love all of these rooms!!!


  1. Gorgeous rooms. It reminds me of when my sister and I would divide our bedroom in half. I was always smart though and made sure I had the door:)

  2. The photos are beautiful.
    I too always shared a bedroom with my sister and we often divided the room in 2! I mostly remember the fun and the talking to the wee hours. My 3 children are now all in the same room and although I know they love it I can't wait until our reno is done and they can have their own rooms......It takes so long for them to go to sleep!

  3. I love them all too!!! maybe I should put our girls in the same room so that they both sleep happily having each other there for company & don't keep waking us all night??!!! :)

  4. these rooms are adorable. don't know if i would have ever moved out if my room looked like this...


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