April 13, 2010

zoe's christening: white and lemon theme

As promised, here are some photo's I took of Zoe's christening dessert table and some decorations in the marquee. There were much more desserts that people brought, but this is the set up I had for the cake and lollies for the kids to fill up and take home. The images aren't the best quality as the weather was dark and cold outside, but it gives you an idea of how it looked and it really did look lovely. My colour theme was white and lemon and i'm happy the way it turned out, it was really fun decorating everything. I can't wait to start organising Zoe's first birthday party which will be a pink theme.

The banner got loose and was hanging lower
than I wanted it to, but I then changed it and
hanged it above the table.
I filled the jars with honeycomb, milk bottles
 and bananas.
The cake was from Ferguson Plare, who I must say have a
great collection of gorgeous cake's to choose
from or create. I made the pom-poms myself and hung
them around the marquee.
I bought the little tealight candle holders from Target.
The marquee was decked out in white and
yellow pom poms, balloon's, white chinese lanterns and yellow streamers.

Hope you liked the photo's and I apologise for the quality.
I will have much better photo's from Zoe's birthday party next month.



  1. That looks absolutely stunning well done! Beautiful!

  2. That is so divine. What a special day:)

  3. Oh Thetis! That is just stunning, you are fabulous at what you do! Love, love, love it and I hope the day was a beautiful one! (How could it not be...

  4. Thanks ladies!! I just wish I had a better camera (need to invest in one soon though) :-)

  5. just gorgeous! love the colours and details :) well done!

  6. awww very sweet - looks like it turned out great!

    Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
    party inspiration

  7. Gorgeous Thetis - I love those colours together, so soft and pretty! Nice job!


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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