November 29, 2010

Neapolitan Ice Cream 1st Birthday Party

This is the sweetest first birthday party I have seen in a while. The lucky little girl was Sophie and her talented Mummy is Linda of Grand Soirees. No wonder this party was as gorgeous as it was!!

A beautiful flower arrangement which look like
ice-cream cones.

Loving the ice cream parlour..very elegant!

I love how the little salad rolls are wrapped in simple
clear celophane. The cutlery is cute stamped with Sophie's name.

The cutie-pie Sophie

Credits to the amazing people that helped put this together:

Event Styling by: Grand Soirées
Desserts and Sweets by: Sweet & Saucy


  1. Wow! This is stunning! So so so pretty! I love the ice-cream shaped floral arrangements :)

  2. This is crazy gorgeous! LOVE IT

  3. I am so inlove with ice cream! And I really like you party. Such a sweet angel!

  4. Good looking photos of the babies and party with details.Thanks.


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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