November 17, 2009

Im Looking Foward to...Travelling with my Children

I love travelling, and have been overseas quite a bit before Zoe was born, that was one of our goals..However, travelling is something my husband and I want to continue doing, even with kids. I cant wait till we have our next holiday, it wont be for a couple of years as we want to finish our renovations and extension to our home first. But I love planning holidays. I have word documents of travel programs set up for the places I want to visit, and in these programs are lists of things to do, places to see, what to buy, hotels, etc etc.. I am very organised aren't I?

I love reading lonely planet books and we have one for every place we have been. It's growing into quite a collection. I was thinking the other day how much I want to teach Zoe about other countries and cultures and why they are different and what makes them different, what monuments they have etc etc.

I thought of a wonderful idea the other day as to how to do this.. Have you heard of the "This is ......" books by Miroslav Sasek? They are a collection of books for kids on different cities of the world "This is Paris", "This is London", "This is Tokyo". They are fabulous books that are quite a few pages long and go through the cities monuments, things they do, what they eat, its like a mini lonely planet guide for kids!! I have started quite a collection for Zoe. I thought, when teaching Zoe about a country of the world I would read her the book, over and over and talk about it with her and answer any of her questions, then I would take her out to a restaurant of that countries cuisine or cook it at home and so on. I thought that would be a great way to teach her about the world in my own small way. I would try and talk to her about the country each night and teach her little things here and there. I would do a different country each month..or every couple of months..

I just dont remember being taught about many countries and cultures at school, and if I did, well I didnt remember much and it was very minor..(could of been me not paying attention either).. but I really want my kids to know about the world and travel with us and have a general love for cultures and different things..I think it is very important..

So, thats something I am really looking foward to doing with Zoe as she gets older..However, she is still only 6 months old!! I tend to get carried away I think.

Well, the books I mentioned are great and here is a collection of my favourites. You can purchase them online from Booktopia. 

What are some other clever ways to to teach our kids about different cultures?

Thetis xoxo

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