November 24, 2009

Pirate Birthday Party - Arrgghh!!

Im always looking for some pretty cool kids birthday parties to post about and share with you here on Little Sooti. So, whilst browsing I came across this awsome Pirate Party which is just so adorable and the mummy who organised this for her twin boys has put so much effort into it and I really envy that. If I have a little boy I will definately have him a Pirate themed party.

I love this creative..

This amazing pirate party was found via the awsome store The Celebration Shoppe. They have so many different themed party apparel available. The above image is some of there Pirate collection.



  1. Great post! I want to have a pirate party now!!! Will have to be patient for when my little man turns 3 next year...

  2. You will need to post some pics, definately!!!

  3. Awesome pics..we have great cotton pirate bags:


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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