December 15, 2009

Kids Playroom..

I don't have enough room in my home for a playroom at the moment, although I really wish I did. Our bedrooms are really small and just doesn't fit everything I want in them. Especially Zoe's room!! Perhaps one day when we extend our home we can add a playroom/sitting room. If so, I would like to use ideas from all of the following images below for inspiration..

Love this light shade

These pillows are gorgeous and love the storage underneath

must have a library style book shelf

Wall storage is a must

Love an arts and craft table

Lots of storage baskets/boxes like these

lots of light and colour

I just love all the colourful toys in this room
via flickr

I love this rug, have seen it everywhere and don't know where to get one??

I love this wall, but would never be brave enough to do it..

Now, just need to get to that extension!! xx


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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