December 30, 2009

Language Littles

I was totally excited when I came across these bi-lingual dolls from Metro Mum earlier in the year. They are fantastic! Language Littles dolls come in a variety of languages from Greek, to German, to Japanese. I myself have purchased the Greek doll for Zoe, and am looking at getting the Italian doll also as her daddy is Italian.

Zoe just loves her Greek talking doll and laughs and squeals with excitement everytime she talks. The dolls say a word in English and then they repeat it in the language.
They do colours, numbers, and general hello, goodbye, how are you words!
It's a great way to introduce another language to your child from an early age and then you can always follow up with books and dvd's.

Here are some of the different dolls available from Metro Mum.








How cute are they?

Check them out at Metro Mum.

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  1. That is such a good idea. Always wanted to teach my future child to speak two languages..and they are cute :)


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