January 18, 2010

Etsy Loving

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I had a nice relaxing one which included a trip to the park followed by "The Hills" Season 3 marathon with my husband. I forced him to watch it with me and he was dreading every minute, but once we got through a couple of episodes, he was hooked!! I also had a chance to browse Etsy once again which I hadn't for a while, I found a couple of cool things. I have posted them below.

Have you guys entered my latest giveaway from Alipants? If not, you may enter it here.

PS - I'm currently looking for a great online/Etsy store to get some baptism invitation's made, if you know of anyone please let me know.

1. Kristin Loffer Theiss plushies

 2. Mooza Decal Letters

3. Up To My Elbows Felt Dinosaur Plushies

4. Pinch Face Soft Toys

Check back soon for an Up To My Elbows giveaway.



  1. I just love those Mooza letters !! Must get myself some... just can't decide what.

    Will be in contact in the next couple of weeks.
    Christine xo

  2. I have just discovered The Hills and am completely addicted.

    I love those snails!

  3. Kawaii for you - Cute aren't they? Look foward to your email xx

    Clarissa - Snails are gorgeous, they come on blue also..

    Katie - MY GOSH!! It's so typical, but so so good isn't it.. we are doing the season 4 marathon now... :-) Next, it's The City (Whitney's new show)

  4. I did a round-up of Aussie baby announcements/invitations that I think may be helpful for your baptism invites: Australian Baby Announcements Round Up. Hope that helps! Steph x

  5. Thanks Steph, that is perfect!! No more searching for me! :-) GREAT!!


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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