January 8, 2010

Little Sapling Toys

I love these cool natural organic teething toys from Etsy store Little Sapling Toys.

They are the absolute cutest and come in shapes from Elephants to Giraffes to Dinosaurs. The fact that they are organic is a major plus in my books. Now that Zoe is using teethers more and more I definately need to purchase some. My favourite is the giraffe teether. Little Sapling Toys also make organic toys such as blocks and playsets like the cool bowling set I have pictured below. If your on the lookout for some natural teethers be sure to check them out.

Don't you just love these playsets?



  1. Yay, I loved these so much when I saw them I just had to have one! my little teether now has one of the dinosaurs... and loves chewing it!

  2. I love them!! The dinosaurs are pretty cool!
    Thetis xxx


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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