January 24, 2010

Valentines Day Sweets

This year for Valentines Day, rather than buy a gift for my husband, I will be baking a lovely cake and cookies. We usually get eachother a card and maybe go out to dinner each year, we don't spend money on gifts for this occasion. So, this year we probably will not be able to get out to dinner as this year we have our beautiful baby girl Zoe. I will instead make us a lovely candlelit dinner at home followed by a lovely dessert.

I'm aiming to make something similiar to these pictured. I love the "Red Velvet Cake" pictured above, so hopefully it will turn out just as pretty, and as tasty as it looks!!

I love white chocolate and these petit fours look delicious





All images  via Williams Sonoma
These heart shaped macaroons are so pretty and would look gorgeous in some pretty packaging, I would love to receive a nice pretty box filled with these.

What would you love for Valentines Day this year?



  1. I am a simple girl- just a card and a kiss. Well, maybe one of those yummy cookies in your pictures as well:)

  2. Love your blog too! Thanks for visiting mine and leaving blog love!


  3. hmmm...since boyfriend is away - a phone call and an email. and a card would be nice :)

  4. oh, I am definitely going to be making some of those cookies... I can already picture what I can write on them. hehe ;)

  5. I think I'll make a cake this year too - you've inspired me :)


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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