May 13, 2010

ingrids room

I love it when people email me with their gorgeous parties and nurseries/rooms they have created. Amber from Ingrid Liddle is Kinda Cute blog, and Etsy store Applesauce Crafts sent me photos her newly decorated daughter's room. It has a sweet and vintage feel to it. Great job Amber and thank  you for sharing!

Have you got a kids nursery or room you would like featured?
I'd love to hear from you, please email me here.


  1. I love this room!!! You know what? it makes me feel better as a mom LOL! because many of the rooms I see featured here and there, look like shop windows... I mean do kids really get to play in those rooms or are they for showing only? They are great, minimalist and all, but do they ever get a stain, etc?
    Thanks for featuring a real room that looks well... real!

  2. how sweet, i love the vintage feel and I agree with patricia, it looks 'real'. Nice and cosy :)


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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