May 3, 2010

little munchkins: zoe

Today's Little Munchkin is adorable little Zoe who's mummy is Virginia from the gorgeous blog, Mum/Toddler/Babe. Zoe is 18 month's old and Virginia tells me she is playful, cheeky and strong willed and loves putting bags on her arm and walking off.. Girls are natural born shoppers I say. Soooo cute!!

Take a look at these gorgeous photo's of little Zoe.

Catamini dress from Ozsale. Look at that gorgeous smile!

Ivy Designs head scarf ,
Country Road white shirt, Country Road skinny leg jeans,
Old Soles silver ballets from Babies and Kids.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang owl tshirt (Birth Daze, Double Bay),
Fred Bare leggings (David Jones), Tip Toey Joey shoes
from Fun Kid, Lulufroufrou Silver sequin hair clip

Ivy Designs apple hair clip, Piper + Lily fabric necklace,
Country Road green & white stripe tee, Country Road skinny
leg jeans, Country Road red mary janes

Thank you Virginia for showing us these gorgeous photo's of Zoe.
She is adorable!!Please be sure to visit and follow the great
 blog mum/toddler/babe for a great read.


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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