May 10, 2010

Thinking outside the balloon...

If you think you can't have a party without your usual balloons and streamers, think again! Check out these beautiful decorations and see how they can transform your party into something ever so stylish.

From top left (clockwise):
1. Papelitos Picados Banners from Aymuyer will add colour to any festive occasion.

2. Martha Stewart's DIY pom-poms can be made in any size or colour.
3. Fabric bunting from The Party Studio also doubles up as a lovely keepsake and can be used to decorate your child's bedroom.

4. Amy Atlas has turned the simple party balloon into a real stand-out statement by keeping it big and simple.

5. Paper garlands from The Papertie Affair.

6. Melinda from Paperklip Design can string together a huge range of gorgeous hand cut shapes. This is a simple garland made from paper tape, but would look fabulous strung in rows across the ceiling.

7. & 8. DIY your own garland and don't forget the good ol' paper chain. This is one that you could even get your kids involved in!

The Party Studio


  1. Love the ideas! I agree, there's such a gorgeous range of flags, buntings etc..My fav is the pom poms and I'm loving paperklips garland. Very stylish xx

  2. I love the title! It's so true... so many other fun options! Great collection

    Kim @
    party inspiration


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