May 5, 2010

india's nursery

Today I am showing you a gorgeous nursery and probably one
of my favourites so far. This nursery belongs to India whose mummy is Jemma from the Little Eats website. Jemma recently revamped India's room and has done a fantastic job at it I must say, I am so envious and will now use this as inspiration for Zoe's "little girl" room. I love the look of all her cute little toys, plushies and knick knacks are all
sitting pretty together in the white shelving. It gives a great effect and is oh so pretty. Well done Jemma!!

Jemma runs the great new online website called Little Eats. Little Eats provides you with a quick and easy guide at a glance to cafe’s kid-friendliness and the services they provide. The focus is mainly on Melbourne cafes that specialise in weekend breakfasts, brunches and lunches. Each review comes with a checklist of all the things you as a parent would be looking for in a cafe/restaurant before endeavouring it with kids!! I know I always like to look up where I am going before hand to ensure that it has the facilites that I may need such as change table, high chairs and just an overall baby/pram friendliness. All the work is done for you at Little Eats and they have reviewed the best!!

On top of that Little Eats also share their personal experiences with you and their opinion on the overall “vibe” of the venue and how welcoming and suitable they are to the little ones in our lives.

Thanks for sharing India's room with us Jemma!!

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  1. love it! very stylish & i love love love the cot!

  2. Such a fun and stylish nursery. My cat is called India and I have to say that both my husband and I wish we hadn't 'wasted' the name on a cat- much rather a bebe with that beautiful name!

  3. There is so much to love in this nursery, I don't know where to start. Stunning!

  4. This is just such a lovely room - beautiful!


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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