September 17, 2010

{COMING SOON} Bugaboo's "Donkey" Double-Stroller..

For all you Bugaboo lovers, you may be excited to hear that Bugaboo has just released the photo's of their new double stroller. One of the seats faces rear, and it looks like there is only one seat and the other is a basinette style. Not sure how good it will be for when the other kid gets bigger?

It's also a little wider than some of the other double prams you
can get these days, maybe not the best for city siders. In fact, I can
imagine using this pram on trains, trams and buses will be a nightmare

bugaboo donkey from bugaboo on Vimeo.

But, for the designer mummy and daddy's out there, this
double stroller is a dream come true. A price is yet to be set and will
not be available till next year.

What double strollers have you found are great? Would love for you
share some suggestions.


  1. I've got the Bugaboo Bee and it's the greatest think I've ever bought so I'll def be checking out the Donkey if/when we have a second :)
    Thanks for sharing Thetis,

  2. Hi there, thanks for reviewing our new Bugaboo Donkey on your blog! We're very happy to receieve so much attention from bloggers worldwide after introducing it only yesterday.

    Considering your comment on the seat configuration: There are various options to place the seats. On the provided picture you see the seat and the basinette, but you can of course also place two seats on the Bugaboo Donkey when necessary. In all configurations it's possible to have the seats facing "the world" or "the parent". Also we would like to point out that in duo configuration, with only 74 cm it’s the narrowest (luxury) side by side duo stroller :-)

    Thanks again for mentioning the Bugaboo Donkey and goodluck with your weblog. Please contact us if we can provide you with more information.


    Martijn (Bugabo HQ Communications)


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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