October 28, 2010

Party Inspiration: Aqua Blue & Yellow Wedding

I love the colour pallette in this gorgeous wedding, the aqua blue and yellow just pop together. Some great decorating inspiration here. Just in time for a summer party.

Images from here.


  1. this is SO beautiful :)

    oh i sent you and email a few days ago.. id ont know if you got it or if it went to spam or something.

    Hope you are having a Fabulous day!

  2. what a wonderful wedding! these are my mom's favorite colors and I'm planning a surprise birthday party for her, thanks for all the great inspiration =)

  3. I love the colour aqua- the dresses are so pretty. I love the simplicity of the table setting too:)

  4. This is beautiful! So often blue and yellow together can look harsh but this wedding is done so well! I love the invitations and the apothecary draws. It's just so gorgeous!


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