November 26, 2009

Christmas at my place..

Some people have been asking to see how I decorated my tree and home for Christmas last week and ive been waiting for a beautiful sunny day to take the best photos to do them justice. However in Melbourne this week it has been quite dark and gloomy so I apologise if the pics aren't the best quality. It really does look more lovely in real life..We aren't finished either, still need to get rope lights for the palm tree at the front.

Have you put your tree up yet?


a close up so you can see the red, white and silver theme...

a shot of where my tree lives

this is on my cofee table

our wreath on the front door. I bought the bow seperately and tied it underneath

The stockings I bought and then used felt stickers to put the letters on of our names...

Hope you like it... ill post more as I get it done..


  1. What a beautiful tree, very inspiring. Here, no tree yet because I don't like it to go up before my birthday at the end of November... looking forward to doing one next week!

  2. Gorgeous!! I have bought a brand new tree and all new ornaments this year... it goes up this weekend - Yay!

  3. Hope to see some pics guys!! :-)
    I love christmas...

  4. p.s - I have a little Zoe too! well not so little she will be 2 on Christmas day :)

  5. Its such a beautiful name isn't it? Love it!
    Thetis xoxo


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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