November 27, 2009

Inspired: Layer Cake Shop

I love online stores like Layer Cake Shop. I love browsing through all the cool baking apparel they have, such as baking cups, cookie cutters, packaging, sprinkles and toppers and there baking kit gifts like the above "valentines day" gift pack. It really gets me in the mood to bake. I feel like baking some cookies right now!

Only problem, I have no reason to bake them and package them!! There is no birthday, there is no occasion at the moment, so its sort of like "all dressed up with nowhere to go" type of thing! In any case, the next chance I get to bake and decorate I am going to make some cookies and cupcakes and decorate in a cherry and apple theme. Here is some inspiration from Layer Cake Shop.

What other excuse can I use to bake and decorate and package? I dont have any new neighbours moving in or anything like that, that would be perfect, a welcome gift..!!


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