November 15, 2009

Summer Styling: Black and Greys

1. Old Soles Hip Hop Joggers 2. Tiny Mammoth Drawn Leggings 3. Tiny Mammoth Stripe Tee Dress, all available from Little Styles.

1. Sudo Ava Blouse in Dusk 2. Little Man Vest Tee by Sooki 3. Tula Tutu in Black by Polka, all available from I Want Fabulous.

1. Sudo Black Playsuit from Ministyle.

I love that its summer time and theres a wide range of gorgeous bright colourful skirts and dresses available, however, I couldnt take my eyes of some of these gorgeous clothes I came across the other day. I especially love the Sudo Ava Blouse and the super cool Old Soles Joggers. So cute!!

Thetis xoxo


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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