February 3, 2010

vintage ride ons

These gorgeous vintage inspired ride on cars and tricycles are by Airflow Collectibles. I found these the other day and think they are fantastic. I would love to get the pink Princess Pedal car for Zoe. They are a little pricey and I found them stocked at Milk Shop which is an international online store which ships worlwide. I also love the pink tricycle.

They come in the colours black, sky blue, red and pink. How cool will your little one look riding about down the street in one of these? They will be the envy of all the kids, and adults!

Cute aren't they?



  1. So cute.I like the pink car. I could see myself in that:)

  2. They are all so fab! I came across a vintage 1932 pedal car in a second hand shop a few months back, but someone had beaten me to it. I would happily settle for one of these.


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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