March 1, 2010

zoe's nursery

I have almost finished Zoe's nursery and am almost happy with it. There are still some things missing such as a bright colourful striped rug from Ikea which I have mentioned I want many times before and a multicoloured bunting to hang across the room from the ceiling. Here is how Zoe's room looks at the moment.

the prints above are custom made by Trendy Peas, and the russian nesting dolls we got from Prague. The letter Z is from Adairs Kids.

this wooden butterfly was a gift, and so were all of Zoe's
books on the bookshelf from her little cousins.

gorgeous spotty suitcases purchased from Little Styles.

     dougnut and cupcake rattles by Lark, and the wooden learning maze
   are from Little Styles.

gorgeous kokeshi dolls are from Tokyo. I love them and recently put them in Zoe's room. I can't wait to take Zoe to Japan!!

russian nesting dolls from before, position of the dolls
changes each time

the cot, with her beloved pink knitted Alimrose Designs

the gorgeous carousel we bought for her 'birth' day
as a gift from her mummy and daddy and the idea is for it to be passed down to her kids

the spare bed lives in Zoe's room and will eventually be her toddler bed once she's a bit bigger. The bedside table and star lamp is from Ikea.

So, what do you think? I'm never satisfied with Zoe's room and im always trying around different things. I think I will leave it as it is and when we do up her new room when we have another baby I will start over again then.. xx



  1. It looks so pretty.I'm sure she loves it.I love the carousel- what a beautiful heirloom:)

  2. I think it looks really pretty :) You've chosen some lovely things for her

  3. Gorgeous, I love the personalised artwork (im a type nerd)! Do visit our blog too :)

  4. Absolutely divine. I love it all.


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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