November 12, 2009

Kenzie Poo: Mommy and Me Photo Challenge!

This week im taking part in the "Mommy and Me Photo Challenge" being held by the fabulous Rachelle from kenziepoo. The challenge is to post a photo of yourself with your child or children and post it on your own blog.

I decided to submit this photo of Zoe and I as its very special to me. This photo was taken before I left to go to dinner with my mother and sister for the first time in a long time. This was the first time I left Zoe alone with her daddy at home since she was born. During my pregnancy I had not coloured my hair, got a manicure or pedicure, I did not do anything at all that made me feel like a yummy mummy. I felt fat, bloated and tired as you do with pregnancy. After Zoe was born, at around 8 weeks, I decided I needed to lift my spirits and take my mother and sister out to dinner to thank them for all the help they had given me with the baby and to get myself out of the "baby bubble" I was in. I wanted to feel good about myself and my appearance again so I got my hair done, I got waxing done, I got a manicure and pedicure, got some new clothes and accessories and I (almost went to get my make up done professionally at a MAC counter) but ran out of time and I booked a restaurant and away we went. I had a wonderful time, had my first glass of wine for about a year and it was really good to get out.

Before I took this photo with Zoe, all the other pics (very minimal) were of me looking tired, in tracksuit daggy wear and not very flattering.. So, when my husband took this photo, I was very pleased that I finally had a photo of my darling and I that I was proud to show around... So, this is my favourite photo and one that I will always keep close to my heart...




Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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