November 11, 2009

Product Feature: Mummy Cards

Every week I aim to write about a wonderful product that I have discovered or purchased recently and is so awsome I need to share. When I find something that I love, I want the whole world to know and love to get the word out.

This week I am proud to write about a truly wonderful product. Alison Piro is the creator behind the wonderful Mummy Cards that has every woman from there Mothers Group, to Playgroup to Swim Lessons boasting about. Mummy Cards are business cards for the modern mum. These cards are great for handing out your information when meeting other parents, babysitters, coaches, organising playdates when you just dont have a pen to jot the number down, and lets be honest, you end up losing the piece of paper. With Mummy Cards all your contact details, name and childrens info are already jotted down and all you need to do is hand it out..You can even list any allergies or important medical information for your children on the card for when they are in out of school activities or on playdates, sleepovers for instance.

There are a number of pretty designs for the cards and if you like you can get one custom made. The cards come in packs of 50 or 100. Pretty good considering the minimum purchase or business cards these days.

I truly love this product and they do come in very useful. I still cant remember the names of all the women in my mothers group let alone, know where they all live and how to contact them. Mummy Cards would be a perfect solution. And what a great conversation started..."Hey, have you guys heard of ....." !!

SPECIAL OFFER: For Little Sooti readers, Mummy Cards is offering FREE POSTAGE on all orders made before 5TH DECEMBER 2009. All you need to do is mention 'Little Sooti' at the checkout!!

Please do check out the Mummy Cards Website for more details, and to take a look at more great designs.

Here are some of my favourites below:

Happy shopping!!

Thetis xoxo

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  1. I saw these a few months ago, they are so gorgeous! I really wanted some, but couldn't justify spending that money from our budget. :(
    Then I got a flyer for free business cards & I did the total budget option & picked the friendliest looking biz card design (a sunflower) & worded it with all my mummy info. Not nearly as lovely, but still pretty groovy. I will probably forever be known as the frugal mum though!


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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