November 19, 2009

Zoe's Nursery!

Here are some pics of Zoe's nursery at the moment.. Im still working on it.
Sorry about the quality of pics..Im a terrible photographer!!
Thetis xoxo

Spare bed in Zoe's nursery, the crochet pillow cases and along with pillow was given to me from my grandmother which she handmade as a teenager.

Ive had this bunny since I was 9 years old and now it is Zoe's. The pink knitted elephant is by Alimrose Design.

These sit on top of Zoe's window frame. I bought the letters from Spotlight and just painted them myself.

These Japanse Dolls we bought on a trip to Tokyo. The polka dot suitcases are from Little Styles.

I love these suitcases..

Gorgeous prints purchased from PrintSpace.

For Walls bird house decal via Little Styles.

My grandmother knitted the crochet blanket.

Every month I change my mind about Zoe's nursery and want to change it or go with a new style/theme. Maybe ill just wait till she moves into the next room when baby number 2 comes along.


  1. Very cute! I have my Zoe's room pics here:

    She has her name above the window too.

  2. Hi, I saw that your daughter was named Zoe also and I saw her nursery also. How cute!! I love the name above the window frame... We have similiar tastes...:-) (Even the name)!!:-)


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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