August 2, 2010

Noah's Ark 2nd Birthday Party

After Mina from one of my favourite daily reads Chic Mother & Baby blog mentioned she is wanting to do a Noah's Ark party and would like some ideas I was on the hunt. I really wanted to find a modern Noahs Ark party and not the 'licence' type ones that I was seeing, so when I found this gorgeous party which Kristen from Lullaby Lubbock blog created for her twins first birthday, I was in awe and in love. She executed this modern day Noahs Ark party perfectly and managed steer clear from the licenced party products which are out there. It is completely original and unique and I think Mina is going to get some great ideas from this amazing party.

Kristen's hubby built the wooden ark on the mantle and I just
love the little animal plushies.

The wooden ark on the mantle.

The food consisted of animal crackers, goldfish, gummy bears,
zebra cakes, swedish fish and then rice krispy treats
and fiesta dip, and lollies in jars.

This amazing cake was made by family, what a result!!

Love these letter buntings.

The take home gifts were these gorgeous
little umbrellas.
Finally, the adorable twins..How cute are the t-shirts?

For more please check out Lullaby Lubbock blog here.



  1. I don't know what is more amazing- the arc on the mantle or the cake??!!

  2. Fantastic, love it! Love the colour scheme too ;)
    Umbrellas such a cute idea!!

  3. youre so sweet!!! i just saw that you posted my party and i am just so excited!! thank you so so much!!! love this blog!!!


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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