September 29, 2010

Nursery Style: White/Neutral

I had to share this gorgeous nursery today. I found it a few days ago from another blog but I can't remember which one (??) .. I absolutely LOVE this white and neutral look, it's got a Hamptons/French feel to it and is so calming. This is definately one of my favourite styles. I am still going for the multicoloured fun look for Zoe's "Big Girl" room when I do it up soon but if I wasn't, this style would be second on my list. So pretty!!

These gorgeous room was found via Nest Design Studio blog..
Thanks Belinda!! xxxx


  1. That was on my blog.....i found it via photobucket somehow! It's beautiful isn't it.

  2. That room is so pretty and elegant, lovely!

  3. I love this room, so peaceful and sweet. I love the ladder shelf.

  4. This is my ideal baby room.. mine is all white with shades of pink & green. Love the photos.


Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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