September 30, 2010

Real Mummy Interview: Niki from Candy Soirees

Today's 'Real Mummy Interview' comes from the lovely Niki from Candy Soirees. Niki creates gorgeous dessert buffets, has a gorgeous range of party favour boxes and more .. plus designs the cutest chocolate bar wrappers for events. Here is a little insight into her world.. Enjoy!!

What is the name of your blog/store?
Business: Candy soirees, events by design
Blog: Candy soirees.....come soiree with us

When did you launch your blog/store?
Launched our store about 6 months ago, blog followed shortly after that.

How did you choose your name for your blog/store?
We wanted it to be fun and sophisticated at the same time......I really love styling candy buffets and our core business is our chocolate bar favours so it had to represent candy off course....and soiree is for French elegance that I am always inspired by.

What is your current position/career? (where?)
Up until recently I was a design assistant for a major Australian womens/mens and homeware company. However after 10 years of a fabulous career I now have decided to work from home and spend more time with my kids.

What was your inspiration for starting your blog/store?
When I worked in design/product development for the homeware division, one of my categories was developing the Christmas food range for our gift giving category, so through research for ideas I came across Amy Atlas who initially inspired me....Also, my husband who pushed me to start on my own and continues to support me through thick and thin.

What is your favourite part of your job?
Creating something for a client and meeting their needs/making them happy......also, being flexible and spending more time with the kids.....I have always worked away from home and went back only months after having my two boys it is nice to be around more now.

How many hours a day would you say you work on your blog/store?
Too many.....all night from the moment the kids to go to bed to the wee hours of the morning .

What is your goal for your blog/store in the next 12 months?
Ideally I would love to develop my own exclusive brand in party boxes/favours/decor.....bring something unique to the wedding and kids party industry.

What are your top 3 online blogs at the moment?
Amy Atlas, Kate Landers Events (this one is a recent find....and love), Details Details events (a US wedding styling group)

And some questions for a bit of fun – If I was a Millionaire..

If you were a multi-millionaire what would be the first 5 things you would buy? for my Armani wardrobe.......and lots of shoes......A famous painting. (is that greedy???)

Where in the world would you live?
HERE off course.......but would also live 6 months at our place on the Greek Islands (if I were a millionaire)......On a serious note I don’t think I could go too far from my family.....mum and sister.....that would be too hard for me.

Would you live on your millions and relax or create your dream job/business? What would it be?
I don’t think I can be the type to it would have to be to create that dream job....expand on candy soirees and take it to the next level...that would be great.

Thanks Niki!!

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Lovely to hear from you!! xx

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